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UC Libraries Advisory Structure: September–December 2014 Highlights

Fall leafMuch work has occurred within the advisory structure fall quarter and this blog entry serves to highlight noteworthy activities and their systemwide impact.  Additional detail is available in the UC Libraries Advisory Structure Reports that are produced bimonthly.

Council of University Librarians (CoUL)

UCLAS Assessment: Report Due in January. CoUL has hired an outside organization development consultant to conduct an assessment of the new advisory structure. The assessment is designed to help determine the effectiveness of UCLAS governance processes, communication, collaborative work tools and work groups, as well as the overall organizational Jan 2015structure. CoUL, UCLAS members, Common Knowledge Group members, and LAUC Executive Board members are providing input. The report of findings will be shared widely in January 2015.

Coordinating Committee

New UCLAS Blog Launched. The Coordinating Committee launched a blog to serve as a portal into advisory structure activities and projects. Content in the blog includes advisory structure communications and news items, Strategic Action Group portfolio and member profiles, project-specific updates and profiles, summaries of and links to reports, and more.  The blog’s comments feature is enabled for those interested in asking questions or adding additional commentary. The goal of the blog is to encourage enhanced transparency, communication, information sharing and engagement, while also preserving a historical record of UCLAS activity. Beginning Spring 2015, each Strategic Action Group’s LAUC representative will delve deeper into its SAG’s activities in monthly blog entries.

Communications iconNew UCLAS Webinar Series Launched. A new UCLAS Webinar Series was also launched fall quarter in order to highlight advisory structure activities and projects, and provide a forum for library employees systemwide to engage with the speakers. LAUC Executive Board will identify webinar topics with input from the membership. All webinars are archived online in their entirety (audio, slide deck and audience Q&A), including its first one on CoUL’s updated Systemwide Plan & Priorities FY 2014-2018 that was led by two ULs.

Number_1Strategic Action Group 1: Scholarly Research & Communication (SAG1)

ORCID: Identifiers for Researchers. SAG1 is exploring the feasibility of licensing and implementing ORCID systemwide across UC campus libraries. ORCID provides researchers with a persistent and unique digital identifier that distinguishes researchers, their publications and grants from one another. It also interoperates with other personal identifiers such as Scopus, ResearcherID, and LinkedIn.

number-2Strategic Action Group 2: Access, Discovery & Infrastructure (SAG2)

Coming Soon: UC Metadata Sharing Policy. SAG2 formed a Project Team that is close to finalizing a UC Libraries Metadata Sharing Policy. The policy includes feedback from systemwide groups within and outside of the advisory structure, as well key individuals

New ILL Courier Service: Preliminary Review. SAG2 has also been working on an assessment of the new ILL Courier service by gathering input from campus libraries. The first round of reviews found that service has improved.

number 3Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management (SAG3)

Shared ILS/Resource Management System for UC Libraries Investigation. SAG3 coordinated a Task Force and feasibility study by an outside consultant on a systemwide Integrated Library System. Two reports have been submitted to CoUL in October for review and advisement upon next steps, including how best to share the results systemwide.

Collection Librarian/Bibliographer Groups: Next Steps. SAG 3 also gathered and reviewed feedback on the “DRAFT: Concept Proposal for a New Structure for UC Collection Librarian Groups” and, rather than undertake a restructuring as proposed in the draft, will focus on updating guidelines, working with current groups on alignment, and developing a toolkit and common suite of resources to support communication and group functions based on systemwide input.

UC Federal Documents Archive: Moving Forward. Lastly, CoUL, with endorsement from SAG3, charged a UC Federal Federal Documents logoDocuments Archive Team in December 2013 to design and implement a virtual archive of federal government documents which includes both print and digital copies of each document owned by the UCs. Learn more: UC Federal Documents Archive: Report and Recommendations.

number 3. yellowStrategic Action Group3: Collection Licensing Subgroup (CLS)

UC Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) Next Steps. The UC DDA pilot ended its first year and the DDA Task Force has submitted an “early progress report” and a final  UC Demand Driven AcquisitionsTask Force Report to CLS for consideration with the recommendation that the pilot be extended a second year in 2015. To date, 3,200 titles are available and discoverable in Melvyl (and local UC campus catalogs where applicable). Titles are from university presses in the areas of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts.

open accessOpen Access Pilot: Evaluation Begins. The CLS also charged an Open Access Pilot Survey Group to draft questions for campuses to use as part of local campus survey efforts to gauge the use of the OA pilot funds. Survey questions will be directed toward recipients of the OA funds during the pilot.

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Call for Members: Library IT Common Knowledge Group

A newly established Library IT Common Knowledge Group (CKG) solicits participation from interested members. IT

Library IT CKG membership is open to all levels of staff involved with and responsible for IT business and operational processes, as well as software development and the integration between business process and IT operations.

To participate in the Library IT CKG, please contact its chair, Shawn Duncan, UCSC, ashawn@ucsc.edu 

As with all CKGs, membership is limited to staff who are directly engaged in and/or responsible for work that is under the purview of the CKG.  Please obtain your supervisor’s approval prior to participation.

More info on UC Libraries Common Knowledge Groups available.

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UC Libraries Advisory Structure Report Now Available

A detailed report of the UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS) activities is now available for the period of September and October 2014.The bimonthly report includes an overview of activities from the Council of University Librarians, and the advisory structure’s Coordinating Committee, Strategic Action Groups and Collection Licensing Subgroup.

Highlights include the launching of a new UCLAS Webinar series which featured two University Librarians who presented an overview of the updated UC Libraries Systemwide Plan & Priorities FY 2014-2018, a general assessment of the advisory structure’s effectiveness, Strategic Action Group 2: Access, Discovery and Infrastructure’s near completion on a systemwide Metadata Sharing Policy, and Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management’s coordination of work on the “Shared ILS/RMS Feasibility Task Force Report October 3, 2014,” and “University of California Shared Infrastructure Feasibility Study By Marshall Breeding August 2014”, which has been submitted to CoUL.

Additional information on advisory structure activities is available in minutes regularly posted online: http://libraries.universityofcalifornia.edu/about/advisory-structure

Questions about advisory structure activities can be left below, directed to campus and LAUC representatives on the Strategic Action Groups, or emailed directly to the Coordinating Committee at CCC-L@ucop.edu