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UCLAS 1.0 Accomplishments and Thank You!

By Rosalie Lack, Chair, Coordinating Committee

As UCLAS 1.0 winds down and 2.0 is launching, I would like to share an overview of our many successes and thank all of the members for their contributions.

In July 2013, we launched a radically different UCLAS advisory structure. Getting started required hard work, resilience, and patience(!). But there was a big pay off! We accomplished a significant amount of work, including, but not limited to, the projects and initiatives mentioned below.

I would like to thank the UCLAS Strategic Action Groups (SAG) and Collection Licensing Subgroup (CLS) Chairs — David Minor, Patti Martin, Diane Bisom, and Kerry Scott — for leading and guiding their groups from the early days of resolving operational details to managing productive teams and groups.

I would also like to thank each and every member for bringing their best ideas and thoughts to the table when reviewing reports, making recommendations, and contributing to and/or leading project teams. Thank you also to the Council of University Librarians (CoUL) for their oversight and direction and to all of the supervisors who supported their staff working on projects.

I would personally like to thank my fellow Coordinating Committee members Robin Chandler, Ann Frenkel, Martha Hrushka, Ginny Steel, and Marlo Young for their dedication and contributions, as well as for supporting me in my role as Chair. Thanks also to past LAUC presidents Nick Robinson and Matt Conner for working with the Coordinating Committee to share ideas and improve communications.

Projects Completed. The Strategic Action Groups (SAG) and Content Licensing Subgroup (CLS) launched more than 40 projects/task forces during UCLAS 1.0’s two-year period. Of those, more than 30 were completed . Below are some highlights from the project portfolio.

  • Shared ILS/RMS Investigation Task Force. Engaged an external consultant, Marshall Breeding, to help assess the interest in and technical feasibility of implementing a shared ILS/RMS system for the UC Libraries; report of these findings shared with CoUL for further action.  Learn more.
  • Ask-a-Librarian. Recruited and staffed a Digital Reference Ask-a-Librarian Service Manager position and conducted an evaluation one year later.
  • ORCID Project team. Investigated the feasibility of a systemwide ORCID license and conducted a comprehensive environmental scan of the current status of ORCID.
  • Open Access Publishing Fund Pilot Assessment. Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the UC OA Publishing Fund.
  • UC Library Digital Collection (UCLDC). Launched the shared digital asset management system (DAMS) and new Calisphere. Learn more.
  • UC Shared Metadata Policy. A metadata policy was drafted and approved by CoUL.
  • NGTS projects. Completed the remaining three NGTS projects. Learn more.
  • Federal Documents Archive Project Team (FedArc). Made significant progress on the ongoing work of designing and implementing a virtual archive of federal government documents, which includes both print and digital copies of each document owned by the UCs. See UCLAS Blog Post
  • Article Delivery Service Exploration Task Force. Conducted an environmental scan of content, services, and business models to explore the feasibility of contracting for an article delivery service to supplement existing content delivery options.
  • Ebook Framework Lightning Team. Developed a workflow for evaluating systemwide ebook offers.
  • Collaborative Collection Development via Digitization Task Group. Work continues to explore models and opportunities for collaborative digitization. Learn more.

Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs). The CKGs are self-organizing groups of experts in specific interest areas. Fourteen CKGs launched, representing a wide variety of functions and content areas, as shown below. Members explored new opportunities, shared work practices, and provided feedback to SAG/CLS groups.

  • Archival Management Systems User Group CKG
  • Born Digital Content CKG
  • Cataloging and Metadata Interest Group CKG
  • Data Curation CKG
  • Digital Humanities CKG
  • Digitization CKG
  • Interlibrary Lending Services CKG
  • Library IT CKG
  • Reference CKG
  • Scholarly Publishing Group CKG
  • Preservation CKG
  • Project Management CKG
  • Statistics CKG
  • UC Shared Visual Resource CKG

UCLAS Webinar series. In order to keep UC Library Staff informed about UCLAS activities, we launched  the UCLAS Webinar Series. We held four webinars, attended by more than 300 UC staff. Topics included: CoUL Systemwide Priorities and Plans, UC Libraries Digital Collection (UCLDC), HathiTrust, and the UC Open Access Policy.

Thank You!

Thank you to SAG1, SAG2, SAG3, CLS, and Coordinating Committee members past and current:

Ivy Anderson
Myra Appel
Sherri Barnes
Marcia Barrett
Diane Bisom
Susan Boone
Susan Borda
Christy Caldwell
Beth Callahan
Lynne Cameron
Robin Chandler
Kuei Chiu
Heather Christenson
Judy Consales
Trisha Cruse
Sara Davidson
Jim Dooley
Beth Dupuis
Sharon Farb
Kristine Ferry
Ann Frenkel
Catherine Friedman
Vicki Grahame
Todd Grappone
Lynne Grigsby
Diane Gurman
Martha Hruska
Carol Hughes
Polina Ilieva
Marti Jean Kallal
Gary Johnson
Julia Kochi
Rosalie Lack
Xiaoli Li
Emily Lin
Patricia Martin
Janet Martorana
Jean McKenzie
Susan Mikkelsen
Eric Milenkiewicz
Robin Milford
David Minor
Catherine Mitchell
Erik Mitchell
Michele Mizejewski
Catherine Nelson
Susan Parker
Sue Perry
Adrian Petrisor
John Renaud
Colby Riggs
Angela Riggio
Peter Rolla
Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz
Eunice Schroeder
Alison Scott
Kerry Scott
Virginia Steel
Anneliese Taylor
Leslie Wolf
Gail Yokote
Marlo Young