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UCLAS 2.0: Overview and Timeline

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In fall 2014, Council of University Librarians (CoUL) commissioned a consultant to assess the UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS) structure and gather input from UCLAS participants. Based on those findings and the benefit of two years of experience, CoUL is proposing some changes to UCLAS.

Some of the issues the modified structure are intended to address include:

  • Clearly defining which groups are responsible for: Strategic planning & policies; Objectives-setting; Operational advice; Collaborative; and Interest-sharing
  • Considering, and trying to reduce, the workloads generated by and time spent on UCLAS activities.
  • Reducing the number of individual who need to participate in the structure, by not forming so many “all-campus groups”
  • CoUL also wants to focus more on strategic directions/communications and less on operations. The goal is that the new UCLAS structural modifications will facilitate that.

Selected highlights of UCLAS 2.0 uclas2.0

  • The proposed, new Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC) will help provide clear communication and oversight.  DOC will ensure that operation activities remain in alignment with systemwide priorities and strategies. DOC will report directly to CoUL.
  • The proposed, new CoUL Portfolio Manager (CPM) will be an ex officio member of CoUL, the ULs Steering Committee (ULSC), and DOC. The CPM serves as the bridge between these groups; helps ensure strategic alignment between priorities and resources; and helps CoUL draft and convey strategic communications.
  • The ULs Steering Committee will have, as it does now, the chair of CoUL, the past chair of CoUL, the CDL Executive Director, and Joanne Miller who supports CoUL. Added to this group will be the vice chair of CoUL, chair of DOC and the CoUL Portfolio Manager.

DOC membership

Terms are generally two years and are renewable; staggered terms are desirable for continuity, which may result in slightly longer terms for certain individuals, especially at the beginning.

  • DOC Chair: Donald Barclay, UCM
  • DOC Members-at-Large:
  • Elizabeth Dupuis, UCB
  • Gail Yokote, UCD
  • John Renaud, UCI
  • Todd Grappone, UCLA
  • Ann Frenkel, UCR
  • Janet Martorano, UCSB
  • Robin Chandler, UCSC
  • Catherine Friedman, UCSD
  • Polina Ilieva, UCSF
  • DOC member – CDL Representative: Felicia Poe
  • Ex officio, Past CoUL Chair: Virginia Steel, UCLA
  • CoUL Portfolio Manager: TBD

Timeline 2015

June – August: CoUL charges the new DOC to help define the scope of new groups and teams

Summer/Early fall :  CoUL will hire CoUL Portfolio Manager

September: Transition the work of the Coordinating Committee to DOC

September/October: Transition all groups to the new UCLAS 2.0 structure

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