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UC Libraries Advisory Structure Report Now Available

A detailed report of the UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS) activities is now available for the period of September and October 2014.The bimonthly report includes an overview of activities from the Council of University Librarians, and the advisory structure’s Coordinating Committee, Strategic Action Groups and Collection Licensing Subgroup.

Highlights include the launching of a new UCLAS Webinar series which featured two University Librarians who presented an overview of the updated UC Libraries Systemwide Plan & Priorities FY 2014-2018, a general assessment of the advisory structure’s effectiveness, Strategic Action Group 2: Access, Discovery and Infrastructure’s near completion on a systemwide Metadata Sharing Policy, and Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management’s coordination of work on the “Shared ILS/RMS Feasibility Task Force Report October 3, 2014,” and “University of California Shared Infrastructure Feasibility Study By Marshall Breeding August 2014”, which has been submitted to CoUL.

Additional information on advisory structure activities is available in minutes regularly posted online: http://libraries.universityofcalifornia.edu/about/advisory-structure

Questions about advisory structure activities can be left below, directed to campus and LAUC representatives on the Strategic Action Groups, or emailed directly to the Coordinating Committee at CCC-L@ucop.edu

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UC Shared Print RoadMap for 2014-2018

Announcement’s original date: September 19, 2014

The UC Libraries Shared Print RoadMap for 2014-2018 Recommended Activities to Pursue is now available online: http://www.cdlib.org/services/collections/sharedprint/

The Shared Print RoadMap was developed by the Shared Print Strategy Team in consultation with SAG3 to advance the goals and strategies described in the UC Shared Print 2013-2018 Strategic Plan. The RoadMap is a high level planning document to guide future shared print activities and scope of work. It includes a short list of recommended activities to pursue (and not pursue) to advance UC’s goals around print collaboration. It also includes a general timeline for exploration, planning and development of proposed activities.

Recommended activities for the UC Libraries shared print collections include:

  • Coordinated print serials archiving to the RLFs and a de-duplication service.
  • Retrospective shared print monographs program.
  • Coordinated digitization and print retention of State Documents.
  • Disclose UC Shared Print collections in union catalogs (OCLC WorldCat, CRL PAPR).
  • Revise the “persistence policy”.
  • Assess existing shared print projects and policies and make adjustments.

The UC Libraries Shared Print RoadMap is endorsed by the Council of University of Librarians and the UC Libraries Advisory Structure’s SAG3. Both extend their thanks to the Shared Print Strategy Team led by Emily Stambaugh, and the various groups who have reviewed and provided input on the RoadMap, for the thoughtful time and energy that went into identifying a plan for future shared print activities for the UC Libraries.

Questions pertaining to the Shared Print RoadMap 2014-2018 can be directed to campus members on the Shared Print Strategy Team. To follow shared print activities, please look for announcements on CDL Info or the “latest news” section of the Shared Print website.

Shared Print Roadmap

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UC Federal Documents Archive Report

Announcement’s original date: September 17, 2014

A new report, UC Federal Documents Archive: Report and Recommendations, is now available and archived on the UC Federal Documents logoLibraries Advisory Structure’s Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management website:  http://libraries.universityofcalifornia.edu/sag3/projects-and-groups

In December 2013 the Council of University Librarians (CoUL), with endorsement of the UC Libraries Advisory Structure Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management, charged a UC Federal Documents Archive Project Team to design and implement a virtual archive of federal government documents which includes both print and digital copies of each document owned by the UCs.

The UC Federal Documents Archive: Report and Recommendations has been endorsed by CoUL, the UC Libraries Advisory Structure’s Coordinating Committee and SAG3. Next steps for this project outlined in the report include the following, with additional information contained in the report in greater detail:

  • Creating an archive in four phases that allows the UC Libraries to leverage the wealth of federal document materials already housed at the RLFs and to work methodically and efficiently with the collections owned by each of the UC Libraries.
  • The formation of a new group that will coordinate the implementation of the archive.
  • Ensuring that the UC Federal Documents Archive offers a complimentary digital copy of all items designated as part of the archive.
  • Pursuing an agreement with the U.S. Government Printing Office and California State Library on a modified process for withdrawal of unneeded duplicates of depository titles from UC Libraries that suits the characteristics of a collaborative, large-scale, collection review project.

CoUL and the UC Libraries Advisory Structure thank members of the UC Federal Documents Archive Project Team for their stellar work in this important area of UC collections. Questions pertaining to the report may be directed to the Project Lead, Elizabeth Dupuis (UCB), or members of the Project Team.